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Staying on track on a friday night

Considering I like to party hard I think I was really good friday

night. I did eat but I ate reasonabley well and besides I was going to a
concert (ahhh Teen Top <3) I don’t get that energy rush people
always talk about when they hit ketosis if anything my brain gets really
slow and I  have no energy. I’m going to invest in potassium
supplements hopefully it’ll perk me up.

Though having said that I am so cheery todays its amazing what a bit
of food can do to you. Laura slept over and woke up with a hangover  we
went  for coffee and I  looked like a giant baby in my onesie. So
comfortable I don’t even care

teen top

Family feel

So im sitting  here with a cup of tea feeling very festive. The kids are on the sofa watching some american show and I can't help but feel warm inside. Its amazing how eating can make you feel cheerful. Story of my life.  I love comming round my brothers, living with pensioners has its perks but it can get a bit quiet. So I lost 6 pounds this week and i celebrated by eating absolute junk..i need to learn that food is not a reward nor is it something you wolf down when your bored. The biggest thing i have to overcome is emotional eating, need to think of things to replace it with. Any suggestions?


stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress


Shoved out the nest

I did somethng drastic..something that puts me in a place where I have to force myself to be social with certain people. Its too soon to say if it paid off and even if it didn't i've become way more confidant than I was yesterday. I don't know if this is me being happy or me being excited probably a mixture of both..god its been so long! Its scary... but in a good way, the type that pushes you out your comfort zone and makes you grow as a person.


A perverted reminder

I have been so  wrapped up in being that I forgot I had a blog. Does this happen to anyone else?
Anyway so I was on the train to uni when I got an email from a pervert commenting on one of my posts. First thing I thought was "OMG my blog!" seocond ofcourse was "who dafuuq..."

This reminder could not have come at a better time. My mind is so jumbled up and I need an outlet that does not involve verbal diarrhea on my friends.... Yup this is why I have no friends on this thing.  

My summer was crazy for once I felt like I acted like the young person I'm suppose to  be , throwing cuation to the wind and just living. Ofoucrse with that comes ups and downs, lows and highs whatever you want to call it. Do I regret it? NEVER!
Becuase for once i just felt like i was being totally indulgant to myself and it felt awesome :)

How amazing is this song the video is beautiful!


ooo its shiny omg shinee

Ignore the post before i was totally on my period lol so much crap has happened. All good crap went to the korean film festival which was uh-mazing saw Shinee perform wjfhewghwhg cant even describe it. Im going music bank in FRANCE!  im gonna see a visual kei tranny perform in camden...only in camden right lol Japnease films festival in south bank and omg howls movings castle in theatres! 
I need a mac my computer keeps freezing every time i try and edit videos or attempt to try and play world of warcraft. Having said that thinking of investing in a PS3 so i can play Skyrim though we got about a year until the new PS4 comes out hmm..what am i saying? Im so broke right now T_T


Im back at uni, i have a new job thats going great  and  theres someone i really like .....so whats wrong?


Right now im in computer labs tryna get organized. It feels like finally im back on track but at the same time its been a while since ive been this busy...i just need to get used to it again. I must admit changing to a dedicated student takes enthusiasm and dilligence.


cat update

My cats turned one lol i feel like a proud mother which is just beyond sad. This is not good... i can see myself becomming a crazy cat lady..who drinks too much.  i went to a house party and drank way to much. ..Im disgusted with how much i drank.. you know the type of drunk where you end up staying ova and waking up still drunk. having said that im quite proud of how much alcohol i can handle considering i dont drink frequently...and the most amazing thing is i didnt wake up with a massive hangover thank god.


flashers dont really have much to flash

i feel guilty i promised myself i'd write at least every other day but it feels like a month has gone by. i took on another job between that and the current one im pretty busy all the time. But i still managed to do the tea party il put some pics up when my friends sends me the pics though to be honest most of it she filmed.
The place i had the madhatters tea party is huge most of its a forest and they have a secret garden and a petting zoo.
Its far out from where i live but it was worth it  though there was this flasher that made me luagh he was just watching us from behind a bush  wanking off.  Then he ran off when my friend chased him off i wish i got that on camera it was fucking hilarious. What was even more funny was after when we where heading back and i was describing him to the park ranger and when he asked me if there was anything else i said he had a small penis i think i may have been a little tipsy my friends nearly pissed themselves luaghing i dont think the park ranger was amused though.

This saturday is the okinawa festival in spitalfeilds should be fun.